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General rules
1. No mass DM
2. No cheating/glitching if you find a glitch report it to the staff
3. NLR doesn't apply
4. FailRP isn't against the rules but you can demote people for it
5. No adverts needed for crime. Make sure you tell the victim and they are in range when informed or else your crime will not be valid.
6. Prop surf/killing is forbidden.

Police rules
1. You cannot own any properties such as doors, printers and such.
2. You can be corrupt for money.
3. Cops listen to the captain. If the captain is corrupt then you can demote them.
4. Weapons from the police armoury are to be used by the police only.
5. You uphold the law that the mayor puts up unless it contradict the rules.
6. Prefer to use the taser/stungun but when necessary use lethal force.

Mayor rules
1. Don't make laws that contradict the rules

Gun smith rules
1. You can self supply though you can be demoted for it
2. You can sell guns no matter where you get them from may it be from a dead man or stolen from a fellow gun smith.

Banker rules
1. You can store printers legally though you can own none. You must get income from commissions on the printers you protect
2. You cannot steal printers as that would interfere with rule 1.

Mobster/mob boss rules
1. Mobsters obey the mob boss. If the mob boss is AFK or not giving orders then you can demote them.
2. You can mug/raid/kidnap for the sake of power or money.
3. If the mob boss is arrested the mobsters have to try to break them out of jail.
4. Mob bosses can take hits.

Criminal rules
1. Crimes do not have to be adverted. See general rule no. 5
2. You can mug/raid/kidnap

Guard rules
1. You must protect your boss.
2. Your boss can supply you with a weapon to defend them with. If fired or you resign you must return the weapon. If the boss disconnects then you may keep the weapon.
3. If you do not want to shoot cops to protect your boss then you must say so. Or you can do it for an extra fee. Your boss can fire you if you do not want to shoot cops.
4. You can resign any time you want with the !resign command. Remember to return any weapons you received from your boss.

Base rules
1. All bases must be raidable. They must have at least an entrance and exit.
2. Entrances and exits must not rely on parkour.
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